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We are an independent design studio that crafts unique & valuable brands.


Finely Crafted Online Brands

Barn & Jones was established in Malaysia in 2020, the brand's objective has always been to formulate the finest quality candles. The team wanted a sense of affordable luxury that makes their brand stand out to modern lifestyle shoppers.

The brand operates mainly through their website, which is why it's much more important for us to create an high-end looking site. While, creating custom funnels to make the customer experience just a little bit more exclusive.

Branding, photography, packaging design, website & copywriting.

Creating Brands That Matter

Making brands stand out. We create experiences that gives customer delight. Increasing customer satisfaction and return rates. Happy customers are key to happy business owners.

Find out about how we help premium fashion accessories brand el-jo.com create their custom branding, packaging, photography and website.

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How Implementing Proper Brand Strategies Can Help Your Business

Become unforgettable.
Increase your perceived value.
Turn on-lookers into buyers.
Create lasting impressions on your ideal customers. So the next time they’re looking for something, you will be the first to pop up in their minds.
On average, strong brands command a 28% price premium over weaker brands selling the same product.
Branding helps increases your conversion rates and turn more visitors into actual buyers. Especially, online.

Stand out with branding that sells — even in crowded markets.

eCommerce Website
For early-stage startups or small businesses without an established brand identity. We handcraft your brand based on your business ideas. We make sure everything is ready and set for your launch day with: 
  • Brand Logo

  • Brand Identity

  • Guidelines

  • Packaging

  • Brand Collaterals

By the end of our engagement, you’ll have a launch-ready brand identity that you can be proud of—without spending tens of thousands.

If you’ve already established the branding part, you might be consider expanding the business with an online store.

Our custom built websites are tailored to suit your needs. Suitable for any types of business like personal brands, services or product stores.


We create websites that are ready to sell, plus equipped with:

  • Online Webstore

  • Payment Integration

  • Email Automations

  • Analytics

  • Basic SEO

Duration: 4-6 weeks
Investment: $2,500
Duration: 6-10 weeks
Investment: $6,500
Need A Custom Project?

Have a bigger budget or need something special in mind? Schedule a consultation with us. Get a free quotation based on your custom project requirements.