Bringing Scents To Life With Local Candle Company

Project Overview

Barn & Jones candles are inspired by travel, places and memories. While the company came up with their own unique scents, our create team had to create the full identity + website.

Logo Design | Candle Branding Identity | Undoubt Studio

Brand Logo

Custom Project

Branding + Website



2020 - Ongoing

Naming The Scents

Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Product Design | Undoubt Studio

The start of the full Barn & Jones journey.

The brand's scents is named after a series of unimaginable places that's meant to be intriguing yet mystical. 

Packaging & Labeling

Barn & Jones | Packaging & Brand Design | Undoubt Studio

Stickers and labels are custom printed on textured stickers sources by our team. Every minor details goes into the final look to make the brand more premium and aesthetically pleasing. 

Textured stickers are more uncommon in the market as their industry competitors tend to use a matte or glossy finishing material. Investing a little bit extra into better quality labels goes a long way in building the perception of a premium brand among existing customers. 

Barn & Jones | Branded Packaging Design | Undoubt Studio

Branded zip-peel shipping box.

Branding Direction

Aside from the brand using only-natural soy to formulate their candles, the brand is devoted to reduce their environment impact by not using plastics in shipping their candles. This is especially difficult in brands with fragile products.

How we did it:

Candles are wrapped in reusable honeycomb wraps and shipped in tapeless carbon boxes. All shipping packaging are left raw without excessive printing so they can be fully- recycled.

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Online Store Design: Handcrafting The Online Shopping Experience

The website is designed for a full-shopping experience. From choosing the scents, adding to cart, checking-out and finally making a purchase. Everything must be seemless for uninterrupted shopping.​

Home and product pages are crafted strategically to make sure visitors converts into buyers. After that, we fill the site with subpages. These are pages that doesn't directly bring in any revenue. But more towards increasing the trust of your site for customers who are gathering info or in the consideration stage.

Website Design | Candle Branding | Undoubt Studio
Barn & Jones | Branding Identity Design | Undoubt Studio

"No Try Ons"

The website didn't just need to look the part, but also play the part. Without a physical store, customers are unable to try out their scents. Which means, more work was put into helping customers find what they would like. Including categorizing the scent families and creating a scent chart for customers to picture what a scent might smell like.

The scent chart is made from a collection of free high-res images gathered from the web to describe the top, heart and base note of the candle.

The chart is also created as a metafield in Shopify so the brand owners can update them easier on future products.

Setting Up Email Automations

Capturing customers email with well-designed pop-ups. Websites built by us comes pre-installed with email marketing to automate your welcome emails or abandon carts. Plus, templates tailor made for your brand.

Brands that retarget their visitors and customers by email, gain an average of 3x additional return on their existing ad spend. That means maximizing your online store profits without additional any marketing ads spend. 

eCommerce | Sign-up Form | Undobut Studio
eCommerce | Email Automation EDM | Undobut Studio
Mobile Optimized Website | eCommerce Design | Undoubt Studio

Mobile Friendly Sites

According to the brand, 80.2% of their website traffic are coming from smartphones. That's why it's crucial for the site to be simple and easy to navigate. Minimalist websites allows the site to have more speed, hence the pages load faster. 

Web speed also means everything when it comes to brands that advertise mostly on digital platforms such as Facebook, Google or Youtube. Slow loading sites have a high risk of users bouncing/ exiting the site halfway. Wasting precious marketing ad spend.

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