Taking Business Class E-Hailing Into The Future Of Luxury Travelling

Week 1: Figuring Out The Objectives

Chariot is owned by a luxury hotel group in Japan. Unlike your usual customers, the company mostly caters to people with a luxury lifestyle. Mainly, business people, travelers & shoppers.

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4 weeks

Goals Of The Project

Corporate Branding | Letterhead Design | Undoubt Studio

The goal of the project is to create a logo & branding system to ensure that the company stay on brand across all marketing and selling platforms. As a premium brand, they want to establish confidence and trustworthiness of their service. 

Essentially, we are required to take Chariot from idea to ready for launch. Crafting the foundation of the branding system that will later be handled by the internal team.

Business Card Design | Minimalist Branding | Undoubt Studio

Week 2: Visual Identity

The identity of Chariot plays a big part of the brand. To let the brand stand out more, we played with textures. 

Business cards are their main element for the brand. Especially when it's going to be displayed in 250+ hotel concierges countrywide, it would be a no-brainer for them to invest a little extra into premium looking business cards for that added first impressions.

First Impressions Matter - Don't just look for customers, attract them. Studies shows that customers are much more likely to consider a product, if they find the presentation of the product to be appealing.

In this case, Chariot's product was selling as many business cards as possible. Profitably. By strategically placing their business cards at prominent locations, they were able to reach more valuable audiences. 

Much like a storefront, the brand's will be their business cards. A portable bring along anywhere storefront.

Colour Schemes

Color Schemes | Branding Identity | Undoubt Studio
Color Schemes | Branding Identity | Undoubt Studio

Week 3: Bringing The Brand To Life

Once we get the designs ready, it's time to imagine it in the real world. 3D mockups gives us a sense of direction where the brand would be evolving along the years. 

It also helps give a more in-depth look at how the brand elements can be used in different marketing materials. Some key metrics we look out for:

  • How the logo looks on different scales?

  • Does the font truly represent the brand identity?

  • Is the colour scheme suitable for the brand?

  • Is it memorable?

  • Would you imagine yourself being apart of a brand like this?

Our goal is to create brands that make a difference.

Branding Direction | Marketing Strategy | Undoubt Studio
The Chariot brand imagined.
Minimalist Logo | Branding Identity | Undoubt Studio
Chariot: Shibuya, Japan 2019.
Poster Design | Branding Identity | Undoubt Studio

Week 4: Sign-Off

Add-ons: App Concept

Understanding that customers will spend 80% on the brand's mobile app, the brand tasked us again on creating the look and feel that will impress their users.

Gathering a remote team, we set them out to capture the brand in action. Using an unique birds eye view allows users to capture what the brand truly stands for: business, travel & luxury.

Add On: Ads Direction

Safety plays a big role in transportation. Passengers expect peace of mind throughout the ride and that means alot more when you're providing a premium service.


'Don't worry, ride chariot' is the first of a six series awareness ads created for the brand. 

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