30-Mins Free Consultation Call - Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions (T&C) shall apply to all current and future consulting service contracts except between the Client (hereinafter "Client") and Undoubt Studio's Designer - Arron Goh. (hereinafter "Arron").

2. Client's Obligation

The Client agrees to provide accurate information in the booking form and attend this session in a timely manner. Any incomplete information on the booking form will result in a cancellation of the booked session. The session will be commence on time and will be reserved for a maximum of 15 minutes, which will be cancelled after this time limit has passed.

3. Intellectual Property & Rights

The Client agrees to provide us the full rights to broadcast, record or livestream the full consultation call for marketing purposes. Our studio (Undoubt Studio) reserves the full rights to upload the recorded session to any platforms not limited to Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. 

Any personal or sensitive information will be removed from the video. We will not provide an 'initial screening' before uploading content to platforms. 

By joining this consultation call, the Client agrees not to hold Undoubt Studio or anyone from our team legally responsible for any publishing of the session.

4. Client Rights

The Client reserves the right to request a take down parts of the video if deemed sensitive. Our studio will edit out any part of the video that is requested by the client by providing us the exact timestamp of the part required for processing.

The Client may also request to remove their face from the video if necessary. 

In no way shall Undoubt Studio portray the Client in negative light.

5. Services

Undoubt Studio might propose their services during the consultation call and is completely optional. The Client has no obligation to take on any of our services. For full info on our services, please visit our website here.