Innovative Young Arts Learning Center

Week 1: Understanding The Business

Kloop is a prestigious educational center for young artist & designers. The school offers workshop and classes varying from traditional paintings to digital art. Aged from 2-10 years old. 

Brand Logo

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3 weeks

Goals Of The Project

Stationery Design | Educational Branding | Undoubt Studio

The business shapes the brand. As in this case, most of the business is conducted in classrooms. So, we know that the brand must represent the overall mood & setting of the classes. Since, most of the brand will be decorated in the classrooms, the brand must look professional and consistent. 

The Inspiration Worm

Kloop was born out of pure creativity. So we decided to create something special for their brand.


Keeping in mind that the brand will be guiding young learners throughout several years of their practice, we introduced the 'Inspiration Worm' as part of the brand.

The graphic element is programmed to wiggle randomly throughout the entire brand such as websites, class monitors and digital signages. Adding just a touch of surprise at every corner for the kids.

Logo Animation | Branding Identity Design | Undoubt Studio
Education Logo | Branding Identity Design | Undoubt Studio

Week 2: Making Things Important

The brand also wants to promote that all art works are important especially in young learners. The brand wants to drive the passion of art and not it's competitiveness. 


"Art is not a competition,

but a celebration of our creative minds."

So our team proposed and planned an annual event that just showcases different works of their student. To make the date more important, we made our own branded invitations and envelopes for the special date.

Colour Schemes

Monkey Blue #95B3CD
Piano White #FFFFFF
Branding Identity | Education Logo | Undoubt Studio
Out Of The Ordinary
The results of all these brand elements give contrast on the ordinary. Making it more appealing to parents and our young students as a professional young arts institute.

In this case, we envisioned most of the brand's marketing material to be static while the Inspiration Worm will capture attention. Allowing animation effects on digital billboards without affecting the viewer's information gathering process.

Week 3: Sign-Off

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