Higher Education Or Joining The Workforce : The Gen Z Dilemma

It's the start of the year and the COVID pandemic has slowly started to become the new normal. Even despite the recent variation outbreaks going on. The human population are slowly becoming more prepared and equipped on fighting this virus.

But there’s another major challenge that young adults still need to overcome. Entering the society.

After 2 long years, 2022 might seem like a positive change. But young adults needs to still be prepared for a new set of challenges they might face this coming year. That includes infection outbreaks, inflation (lifestyle expenses increase) and the most scary of them all, a change in lifestyle.

Most Gen Z's now faces a big decision ahead: pursuing a university degree or getting a head start at working.

With the world on full reset, some individuals might even find themselves questioning their future decisions and planning. In this article, we will be breaking-down our personal insights from someone who has recent experience in choosing a future career path and university degree course.


Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Growing up in a major district in Sarawak, an underdeveloped state of Malaysia, I always considered myself a small-town boy. In 2015, I relocated myself here to pursue a 4-year Architectural degree at Taylor's University which I graduated on 2019. Just after 3 years, now I currently run both an online candle brand & a digital design agency.

Going into a design-stream course heavily shaped how my career path look like today. I started freelancing by the end of my last semester. Hence, we wouldn't suggest worrying about your career path. Instead, focus on choosing a course that you know you'll do best and enjoy the most.

Pursuing an educational degree is an investment. Your should know by now that your goal is to become financially independent after getting that degree. Parents are no longer obligated to finance your lifestyle.

Take note that, while you are taking working gap years to pursue your degree, you might also be missing out on time gaining actual working knowledge or sales experience.

6 Great Skills For Students Living Alone:

  • Cooking Skills

  • Driving Skills

  • Public Commuting Skills

  • Budgeting Skills

  • Housekeeping Skills

  • Safety Skills


You don't need to plan everything. Everything will happen eventually.

You know what they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to know that not everything might not go according to plan. Planning milestones & end goal might be helpful for steer-guiding your life through obstacles ahead.

Avoid overly planning on your journey ahead. What you need to plan for now is only:

  • Institute Background Research ( go for Uni open days )

  • Submitting Applications ( if possible apply for a few )

  • Applying For Student Loans ( or other available gov grants and fee waivers )

  • Bus Fares & Air Tickets ( for travelling students )

  • Important Personal Documents ( for student registration)

  • Accommodation ( find yourself a place to stay, near or on campus )

Well, that's it.


Family, Friends & Support.

For some households, the decision making process might be possess by different authorities. While some youngsters might be confused why such a big decision is thrown at them all of a sudden, some might be struggling because of parents that are more hands-on. They feel like they have no control on any aspect of their lives. All involved parties should learn to compromise and negotiate.

If you're someone that constantly runs into disagreements with your parents, this is a good time to make it up to them. Because you might be seeing less of them afterwards due to time, scheduling and distance problems when you start the next phase of your life.

This moment will be one of your biggest time to maintain family & friend relationships.


What are the available options?

Sometimes, you'll find that it's not always the best idea to pursue a higher education. But older generations might think otherwise about your decision. Find solutions for the laying problems ahead, make sure everyone can benefit from your decision.

Take a look at the possible educational pathways, one might take after high school graduation:

Even though parents play a big role in your decision making, don't be too scared to jump off the tree, or else you might never get a chance to learn to fly. Young adults should learn to make own life decisions and live with the consequences. Mistakes are common in any stage of life, everyone needs to learn how to cope with failure.


Prepare for a change in your social circle.