How COVID Turned Business Into An Online Game

You might not know it, but we’re much closer to the ‘Metaverse’ than we know it.

This pandemic has made humans once again push the boundaries of technological advancement. And as the world evolves, so does the way we make money. 🚀

Tech savvy entrepreneurs that are first to adopt the internet and online selling saw great returns and value to their business. But this make us wonder, is online selling just a ‘windfall’ or here to stay?

In this article, we will be talking about: how are entrepreneurs using the internet to make money online in 2022 and so on.


When COVID came and practically shifted everything online, a surge of customers came in for businesses that were already online.

What was supposed to be an hour wait at your local dentist now became a 15-min window if you’ve already pre-booked your appointment online. Not only has everything start to be more convenient, it also became even more efficient.

Plus, everyone’s so used to online shopping nowadays that it might even start to sound ridiculous to go buy an product from physical stores. Why not just get it shipped to you? You get to save time and money plus a small discount when you purchase online. Neat, isn’t it?

The internet also gives everyone more buying options and help smart consumers pick whatever they need more precisely. Through online shopping, customers are able to feel even more connected to businesses and support the brands they truly love.

This is especially true as business around the globe are now able to displaying customer reviews on their websites or display their ads all over the internet. Which retail stores couldn’t do up until now, without making it look cringey.

Some of these online tools are even implemented not just for getting online sales, but as a means of lifting up the entire business credibility altogether.

Remember, customers are constantly Google-ing their problems, it would be a shame not to be on there giving value to your potential customers. By giving out free value, you are earning plus points without even doing much. it makes your brand and online business just more likeable.

It brought a whole new meaning to marketing; now we call it digital marketing.


The Growth Of Online Games Changed The Business Ecosystem During Covid.

“Think about this, Millennials and Gen Z are the 2 generation that played the most video games ever in human history. Period.”

Games are invented to train or challenge your mind. It’s just gone a way lot more complex over the years.

That means now it’s not just a fun past-time, but also a great way for anyone to develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills. Today, the e-sports ecosystem is predicted to surpass the $1 billion revenue mark in year 2022.

That makes us question, was video games another factor that lead to a spike of a huge number of entrepreneurs and problem solvers in the 21st century?


How To Play The Online Business Game.

As the online world constantly develops, what can you do to earn a piece of that pie? Let’s help you find out what you can do to earn money online.

Before we start, let me introduce myself, I’m the lead designer of Undoubt Studio, a branding agency based in Malaysia. We have worked with clients all around the world to launch online niche businesses that are profitable and scalable. These are just our personal thoughts and ideas based on our experiences and expertise in helping clients make money online.

Before you rush into doing anything we say, make sure you’ve done your proper research and understanding before investing & starting your own business.

8 Profitable Online Business You Can Start In 2022:

  • Dropshipping

  • Podcasts

  • Print On Demands

  • Youtube Channel

  • Game Live-Streaming

  • Consultation Services

  • Graphic Design Studio

  • Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re planning to start any one of these but don’t know where you should begin, hit us up for a quick friendly chat. We don’t bite.


5 things that all new entrepreneurs should consider when start their online business in 2022:

1. Strategising the business.

Make sure you have a plan before you embark on your e-Commerce journey. Gather all the information you need to start an online business. If you ever feel stuck, remember these keywords: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Sales Funnels, Domains, Web Hosting, Website Builder, Design Templates, Shipping Integration, Payment Processor. These terms help you search information on what you need later on Google.

2. Process your information.