How To Fix Facebook Ads Not Charging Payment Card

So you've been running your Facebook Ads, getting some really great results and when it's time to pay the bill... your card didn't get charged.

Now, your ads manager account is disabled but each time you click on 'Pay Now' it still doesn't charge your card. "What the heck?! Why isn't Facebook charging my card?"

Here's how you can fix your Facebook Ads billing issue and help you successfully pay for your Facebook Ads.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Ads manager account.

Step 2: In the All Tools Menu, click on Billings.

Step 3: Next to your outstanding bill, click on 'Pay Now'.

Step 4: In the amounts section, remove the decimals. $10.03 > $10

Step 5: Select your payment method & click 'Pay Now'.

Step 6: Done

Conclusion: Facebook Ads might have a bug on certain ad accounts that doesn't allow it to process amounts with decimals. To fix this problem, you can just round off the billing amount to make sure Facebook actually processes the payment and charge your card. Hope this helps!


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