How To Run Profitable Facebook Ads In 2022 | Small Business Guide

More and more businesses are shifting online in 2022. That means that not only more people are shopping online, but the competition is also getting more fierce. Small businesses everywhere are shifting their efforts into getting more leads and customers through their online websites. One of the best ways however, remains with the biggest social media platform, Facebook (or currently known as Meta).

In this article, I will be guiding you through a step-by-step process on how to set-up profitable Facebook Ads to get leads and sales for your online business.


Step 1: Access The Facebook Ads Manager

Go ahead and log into your Facebook account and on the top right corner next to your little profile icon, click on 'Menu'. We want to make sure that we head into the Facebook Ads Manager to advertise. This way, we get more data & analytics to run ads more profitable.

Note: Please refrain from using the 'Boost Post' button. It's a waste of money and it limits the full potential as an digital market/ advertiser.

Step 2: Setup Your Facebook Pixel On Your Website.

Inside the Facebook Ads Manager, go on the top left corner and click on menu. Then, select 'Events Manager'. The events manager allows you to connect your Facebook Pixel, so you can track visitors that take certain actions on your website such as Page Views, Add To Carts, Initiate Checkouts and Leads/ Purchases.

Make sure you do not skip this step because it's really important for you to get this valuable data before running your ads. Having the Facebook Pixel installed in your website will be useful to optimize and scale your ads to get better results later on.

Step 3: Create Your First Ad Campaign

Go ahead back to the ads manager. (Pssst, top left corner. Menu > Ads Manager).

Then, click on 'Create' in the ads manager dashboard. That's the green 'money-looking' button. Once you've done that, a pop-up will appear and you'll need to choose your Facebook Ad campaign objectives.

Don't be overwhelmed with the options. For small businesses looking to get sales/ leads, make sure you select 'Conversions'. That way, you are essentially telling Facebook to optimize for conversions (sales or leads) and not only just traffic or reach, which doesn't guarantee any sales.

Remember, your goal as a new advertiser is to get sales. Any other thing than sales should be considered later once you start getting in a healthy flow of leads or sales to your business.

Step 4: Name Your Campaign

As a new advertiser, your first campaign will be used to target cold audiences in Facebook. Cold audiences are basically people that haven't heard of your brand, product or services before. So essentially, they're cold audiences.

Go ahead and name your campaign: 'Cold Audience - Month, Year'. That way you are able to easily track your campaigns once you start running more and more ads on your account.

Then, click 'Next' on the bottom right corner of the page.