The Ultimate eCommerce Store Checklist

Selling online comes with it's own set of rules. Similar to making a sale physically, there are a list of strategies you need to implement to ensure that your prospects take the next step and actually convert into customers.

In this article, I will be uncovering the eCommerce checklist with 6 things you can do to boost your online sales. So let's get right into it:

1. Optimize Product Pages

To convert web traffic into sales, you will need to have a compelling product page. That means using high-resolution images, writing informative product descriptions and also have relevant information like shipping info, sizing and return policies.

Having all these things in-place will make your website look much more trustworthy and help your customers make the right decision.

2. 'Social Proof' Your Site

Who are you? How can your website visitors know more about you before they take the next step and purchase from you. A few ways you can create social proof is:

  • Incorporate personal branding into your store. It can be an introduction to the team on the about page or a few words from the founder itself.

  • Showcasing reviews on your product page from existing customers. This will also help customers make their decision more confidently.

  • Connect your socials to your website. If possible, use an app to showcase your latest Instagram feed on your store homepage.

Having that social proof on your webstore will help your customers feel more confident buying from your store knowing that their products will safely reach them.

3. Build An Email List

No matter if you're a small business or a huge company, you should always capture visitors' email as soon as they land on your store.

Pop-up forms does a great job at accomplishing this. If done correctly, you'll be able to build up your list in no time.

Consider providing a small reward in exchange for their email. A 10% discount for their first order, a free eBook or free shipping vouchers might encourage them to exchange their personal information for a small reward.

Email lists are also a much more cost effective way to remarket to your existing customers once you have future sales/ promotions.

4. Create An Abandon Cart Email

Sometimes your visitors checked out your products, added them to cart and clicked on checkout then... they leave the site. 😱

Most of the time, it's not because they're no longer interested in the product. It might be because they got a phone call, they had things to do or maybe they got swallowed into the quantum realm. 🐜

Lots of things can happen. Life is unexpected.

So it's important to set up abandon cart emails to remind them about the products they left behind. These emails can be automated to send out automatically and require no more effort from your side later on.

Just make sure you set them up correctly so they send out on specific times. Preferably an hour after they abandon their checkout and once again after 24 hours.

5. Optimize For Mobile

Around 70% of your shoppers are on mobile. That number will continue to increase year by year as smartphones get better and more advanced that it replaces conventional laptops or desktops for daily tasks.

It's important that your store is mobile-friendly so it makes the shopping experience much more pleasurable. Studies shows that customers are much more likely to shop at mobile optimized webstores and come back for a return purchase too.

So it's definitely a no-brainer for businesses to implement a mobile-first webstore and focus on optimizing how the shopping experience will look like on phone devices rather than just the desktop version.

6. Get Feedback

Having an eCommerce store isn't an implement and forget thing. There's always something you can do better. The key to increasing your conversion rates is getting feedback and testing out different tweaks on your webstore for the best performance.

You can easily collect feedbacks from existing customers, get your friends or relatives to comment on your overall site or hire a web designer to help work on increasing your store performance from time to time.


Did you notice?

By implementing all these steps, you won't just have a normal webstore. You will have successfully converted your online store into a sales machine by creating a sales funnel.

Now you can easily send traffic to your optimized product pages, capture their email address, and send abandon cart emails to prompt them to come back and buy your products all on auto-pilot. ✈️


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