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Why Lifestyle Brands with a Strong Sense of Community Grow Faster

Imagine: It's a Saturday morning. You sip your coffee from your Stumptown Coffee Roasters mug, a company not just known for its ceramics but for the entire cozy morning vibe it promotes. Later, you head out in your Nike sneakers, chosen not just for comfort but for their athletic, community-driven message they stand for. This is the power of lifestyle branding and community-focused businesses.


The Rise of Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle brands don't just sell products; they sell a way of life, a vision of who we could be or how we want the world to perceive us. They tap into our aspirations, values, and identities.

Image of a starbucks store brand exterior
(Starbucks Coffee) One of the most significant brands in the 21st century.

The Starbucks Experience: Take Starbucks, for instance. Their cafes aren't just spots to grab a coffee; they've become meeting places, workspaces, and relaxation zones. From their holiday-themed drinks to their cozy interior design, Starbucks promises and delivers more than caffeine—it offers a particular kind of morning, a specific type of break, a unique moment in someone’s day.


The Impact of Community on Business Growth

Building a community around a brand is akin to laying a solid foundation for a structure. Such a community not only provides support but also propels growth.

According to a comprehensive study by Harvard Business Review, community-centric brands witness an astounding 64% increase in loyalty and repeated purchases. It's not a mere trend; it’s a proven, impactful business model.

  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Nielsen reports that an overwhelming 92% of consumers place unparalleled trust in recommendations from their circle over any advertising. This means brands with strong communities benefit from organic, trusted advertising every day.

  2. Customer Retention: Acquiring a new customer can burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, according to Bain & Company, retaining an existing customer is 5-25 times more cost-effective. Brands with dedicated communities enjoy a cushion of loyal customers, reducing churn and bolstering profits.

  3. Feedback Loop: Direct channels with the community serve as real-time feedback mechanisms. Brands can continually refine and innovate, ensuring they’re always a step ahead of consumer demands.

Image with bold words showing: Community Is Strength
Community Is Strength, Especially in Branding.


Brands That Got It Right

Patagonia: More than a mere outdoor apparel brand, Patagonia is a flag-bearer for environmental consciousness. Their initiatives, from hosting community events to leading environmental campaigns, extend their brand's reach beyond commerce, resonating with values shared by their community.

Peloton: Peloton isn't just selling fitness equipment; it's pioneering a fitness movement. With live classes, interactive leaderboards, and community challenges, they've created a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts who motivate, challenge, and support one another.

Side-by-side visuals of a Patagonia environmental initiative and a live Peloton class brimming with participants.
Patagonia (left) and Peloton (right) focuses on building brand community.


The Bottom Line

In an era of evolving consumer consciousness, brands that intricately weave lifestyle and community into their identity don't just sustain; they flourish. They create lasting impressions, foster unwavering loyalty, and enjoy exponential growth powered by their communities.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, one question remains pertinent: Is your brand merely completing transactions, or is it weaving stories, fostering connections, and building a legacy?

Especially with uncertainties of the marketplace and possible economy recession, it's your duty to as a business owner to future-proof your brand. Start by cultivating a community that loves and support your brand.

It's never too late to start.


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