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Hey, I'm Arron Goh the lead designer of Undoubt Studio. I run a small branding & digital marketing agency in Malaysia helping clients all over the world: start and launch online businesses. 🚀

My experience also includes launching my own local candle brand, Barn & Jones. As I am constantly looking for ways to help clients achieve their goals, it felt like my mission was to actually know how to design the structure of the business and not only just the looks of the brand.

Now after 2 years, I've been able to really figure out my business structure so most aspects of the business are automated 24/7 through my online store. This means more time for me to as an entrepreneur to step out of the business to work on other different businesses and passions.

In this post, let me walk you through several important keypoints in my journey that all i think all new entrepreneurs and business people should definitely know about before starting their online business.

Keypoint 1: Start with the simplest business model you can handle. You don't want to over-invest your time when starting your business. Some times pushing it doesn't make it go faster. Instead use the extra time to improve yourself. Courses and information libraries help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills.

Keypoint 2: Website traffic doesn't just appear magically. Remember, your website is just your selling tool. You will still need to learn basic digital marketing skills to drive traffic to your website. This could be done either organically (free) or with paid ads (recommended).

Keypoint 3: Capture customer information. Once you have an incoming of steady leads to your website, I suggest you capture their information immediately. This will be through submission forms or newsletter sign-ups.

Keypoint 4: Aim to break-even. Make sure your business is on track to gain back your initial investment. Some businesses may take longer to see profits, but you don't have to worry if you have a solid sales strategy and process.

Keypoint 5: Re-invest back into the business. Focus on investing tools to help your business operate or sell faster. That means increase the budget on digital marketing or getting that software that help automate certain processes of the business.

Keypoint 6: Retain customers. A good business is a business that is able to keep customers happy. Satisfied customers are more likely to come back and shop at your store. Rewards and memberships works great in building customer loyalty.

If you keep these important keypoints in mind, then you are on a right path of scaling your business. For entrepreneurs that have yet to start their journey, you might find these information crucial to the challenges that lie ahead.

Arron Goh

Lead Designer

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