Innovative Skin Care with Affordable Pricing

Week 1: Crafting The Brand Story

Rebe is a new skincare brand launching a line of affordable products for women. Their goal is to stand out as an innovative brand by introducing their new technology skincare products.

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Bringing Affordable Skincare To You

Rebe focuses on healing and rejuvenation. Bringing products from their cutting-edge research labs in Korea to Malaysian consumers. 

Their brand mission is to bring their products to shelves nationwide and make it more accessible for everyday white-collars and middle class consumers. 

Having flawless skin is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 

Skincare Brand | Product Design | Undoubt Studio
Skincare Brand | Letterhead & Identity Design | Undoubt Studio

Week 2: Brand Identity Proposal

Bringing the brand to life is my job as a designer. I've created a full branding identity to propose the direction of the company moving forward. 

As the brand will also frequently work with other businesses such as retail chains, it's important to have a sense of professionalism. 

Rebe Skincare will establish themselves as a research company in the business community and not just your typical skincare brand.

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Skincare Brand | Logo Design | Undoubt Studio
Skincare Brand | Wordmark Logo Design | Undoubt Studio
Skincare Brand | Packaging Design | Undoubt Studio
Week 3: Crafting The Packaging Designs
The brand showcases their products in packaging that communicates directly to their customers. The main concern was to have packaging concept that is consistent across their large inventory. 

Presenting themselves as a minimalist brand also helps consumers understand how easy to use their products are. It also helps their customers choose what's best suited for their own skin.

Your skin, your choice.

Week 4: Sign-Off

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