Online Sessions

Website Funnel Strategy Workshop

This session helps determine what type of website your business needs.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Online (Zoom)

Service Description

This strategy session will kick-start the website design package. By attending this strategy session, business owners & entrepreneurs are able to clearly choose and determine the website that they need to suit their online sales funnel. Pre-plan every website sale & purchase by knowing exactly how to convert visitors into customers. By having a strategy in place, we are able to pinpoint what design will be perfect at this stage of your business and how you can modify it for business scaling purposes in the future. For the modern business owner and entrepreneur, the website will be the main place business will be conducted. That means your website will have to able to attract leads, capture payments, process payment and etc. All of these helps your online store to automate the selling process 24/7 even without you having to worry about it. After you implement a sales funnel, the big factor that will determine the success of your business is marketing. That's why it's important to work with experienced professionals to build your online sales system (website). By now, you should understand that by working with us to launch your website, our team will not only thrive in terms of the look & design, but also the full system behind the website. If you only focus on building an aesthetic website, you might miss out on important strategies that actually help turn your visitors into customer. What we will be discussing through this session: - Existing Business Strategy - Marketing Plan & Tools - Audience Insights - Customer Journey - Shopping Experience - Selling Process - Customer Retention At the end of this session, we will be equipped with a vision and plan on how we can kick-start your website.

Cancellation Policy

The session will start on time and be canceled if 5 minutes late. Please reschedule 2 hours before the meeting if you are unable to attend.