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( USA · 2023)


Visual Identity Design for Elysce Essential Oils

ĒLYSCE Tells a Story of Mental Transformation

ELYSCE is an e-commerce store that specializes in essential oils. The brand focuses on lifestyle, relaxation & mental health.

Project Roles: Brand Strategy, Product Naming, Logo & Visual Identity, Packaging & Labeling Design, Website.

The ELYSCE Logo Design.

ELYSCE features an abstract logo that symbolizes balance & a mindful lifestyle.

The ELYSCE brand logo is made from a cursive letter 'e' and mirrored on 4 sides to form a circular icon.

Unique Brandmark Logo Design for Essential Oil Brand

Brandmark (Abstract Logo)

Branding & Packaging Design for Essential Oils

Primary Wordmark

Product Prototyping & Packaging Dieline Creation.

Based on the requirements, our team brainstormed & custom-designed the packaging so it can open up completely.

We also test printed the labels on the actual products to make sure the designs fit perfectly.

Custom packaging dieline for eco-friendly packaging design

Custom-Designed Packaging Box.

To complement the brand's eco-sustainable approach - we used custom-designed their packaging box to open up and double as a diffuser.

We've crafted & delivered a custom packaging design with print-ready PDF dielines.

Custom packaging design for Elysce Essential Oil Brand

Custom Labeling Design For ELYSCE.

A complete product label design was crafted including the naming direction by Undoubt Studio.

Carefully crafted labels with hand-picked Pantone Colors to ensure color accuracy.