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1. Payment

Clients are required to pay the full fee for our Services as displayed on our website or as otherwise agreed in writing, before commencement of any project. Payment is due upon receipt of our invoice. Failure to make payment may lead to suspension or termination of services. Upon payment confirmation, we will initiate your project based on your confirmed slot.

2. Services

Undoubt Studio specializes in graphic design services, including logo design, branding, e-commerce design, and more, under the following terms:

2.A. Logo Design Service

  • Client Input & Design Preferences: Our designs are tailored based on the details you provide. Accuracy in the creative brief is crucial for optimal results.

  • Timeline: Please allow 10 working days for the initial design draft. Revision timelines and the maximum number of revisions are detailed in our packages. Additional revisions are subject to charges outlined in our service packages.

  • Design Satisfaction: Should the first draft not meet your expectations, with rational feedback, we offer a one-time redesign.

  • Completion: Upon exhausting all revisions, you may select a final design for delivery in various file formats.

2.B. Branding Design Service

  • Client Brief & Preferences: The success of your brand identity design hinges on the detailed information provided in the creative brief.

  • Strategy & Plan: Sharing your business strategy and marketing plan enhances our understanding of your brand, which is kept confidential.

  • Timeline & Revisions: Our branding process, including timelines for drafts and revisions, is designed to create a cohesive brand identity within 1-3 months.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: A one-time redesign is offered if the initial branding does not align with your vision, given rational feedback.

2.C. Website Design Service

  • Requirements & Details: Our website designs are customized based on the creative brief and your specific needs.

  • Service Timeline: The website design process is divided into phases with specific timelines for each stage.

  • Revisions: We provide several rounds of revisions to ensure the website meets your expectations.

  • Additional Services: Hosting, domain registration, and maintenance are offered under separate terms, including an annual renewal fee.

3. Design Satisfaction

We aim for excellence in every design. Rational feedback helps us refine and perfect our work. We value open communication and constructive criticism.

4. Rational Feedback

Effective feedback is essential. We encourage detailed and reasoned responses to facilitate the design process and avoid unnecessary revisions.

5. Respectful Communication

Mutual respect is paramount. Abusive or disrespectful behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated.

6. Design Portfolio

We reserve the right to showcase completed projects for promotional purposes unless explicitly requested not to.

7. Intellectual Property

Undoubt Studio retains all rights to the designs and materials created, granting you a non-exclusive license for their use.

8. Trademark and Copyright

Assistance with trademark and copyright registration is available, with responsibilities and costs borne by the client.

9. Confidentiality

We commit to confidentiality regarding your project, expecting the same in return regarding our services and processes.

10. Legal and Liability

Our services are provided as-is, with no warranties of uninterrupted service. Our liability is limited to the fees paid for our services.

12. Delays

Unforeseeable circumstances may cause project delays, for which we seek your understanding.

13. Legal Governance

This agreement is governed by Malaysian law, with arbitration as the method for dispute resolution.

14. Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our work, refunds are not available once a project has commenced.

15. Contact Us

For inquiries or concerns, please reach out via email at or phone at +603-86054965.

This document is crafted to align with your studio's ethos, emphasizing quality, collaboration, and respect throughout the design process. It's designed to be comprehensive, clear, and reflective of Undoubt Studio's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Design Terms & Agreements

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