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(SELANGOR · MY · 2020)


Exploring Scents For The Mind & Senses

Barn & Jones isn't just a brand that sells candles. They are a home fragrance brand that offer calm & serenity.

The Barn & Jones brand mission is to make people feel good through their unique scents.

The Barn & Jones Brand Logo

We crafted a logo design with a custom-made illustration to resemble the brand's commitment to unique scents.

The logo design resembles the first 5 initial scents that Barn & Jones offered during launch.

Naming The Scents: Home Fragrances

Barn & Jones is inspired by travel, memories & nature. Each scent is unique formulated for a special experience.

Our team worked on naming their product collection to evoke a dreamy feeling on their products.

Crafting A Unique Home Fragrance Experience

From scented candles to incense sticks, the brand offers a unique experience like no other.

Products: Scented Candles, Travel Candles, Room Mists, Incense Sticks, Incense Cones, Match Sticks.

Brand Photography: A Calm & Quiet Place

The narrative of Barn & Jones revolves around enjoying peace & quiet as part of self-care journey.

Our photography direction was to capture that sense of peacefulness & relaxation.