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Business Card Design for E-Hailing Brand

Chariot Japan

(Brand Identity Design Concept)

Industry: E-Hailing Services

Year: 2019

Branding Design 3D Mockup

An Exclusive E-Hailing Experience.

Chariot is owned by a luxury hotel chain in Japan. As part of their brand expansion journey, Chariot was born to provide e-hailing services to their members & customers.

ROLES: Research & Strategy, Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity Design, Adverts & Mobile App.

The Brand Foundation of Chariot.

The Client : Chariot is owned by a luxury hotel group in Japan. Unlike your usual customers, the company mostly caters to people with a luxury lifestyle. 

Target Market: Entrepreneurs , International Travelers, Corporate Companies, Business persons & Luxury Shoppers.

Logo Exploration for Luxury Brand
Branding Design Guidelines with typography & color schemes
Logo & Wordmark Design For Chariot

Chariot Re-Imagines Luxury Travel On-The-Go.

Chariot is a new premium e-hailing service that seeks to fulfill the high-end market demands.

The brand ensures that only the highest quality of standards are kept.

Building Awareness for Chariot.

The brand builds a strong impression onto customers. Creating a perception of class & luxury.

GOALS: To introduce the Chariot brand to our target customers through imagery & messaging.

Mobile App Design Concept.

The heart of the Chariot is their mobile app — a lasting impression helps customers have a better experience with the brand.

3D Mockup: Mobile App Design Concept for E-Hailing Services, with a responsive background.

Ads Campaign Direction.

The Chariot brand isn't just another e-hailing company. It's a luxury option that everyone needs sometimes.

Brand Positioning: Safe. Reliable. Relieved. Trustworthy. Adventurous. Enjoyment. Luxury.

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