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(PJ · SELANGOR · 2022)


Logo Design for Modern Skincare Brand

Reyoung Group is a skincare company that has launched skincare brands such as NP Skincare, Rebe, Royal Allure & Ginkgo Clinic.

GOALS: Re-introduce Reyoung Group with a completely new logo icons that will represent the new direction of the company.

Responsive Logos For Growing Brands

In modern days, having just 1 logo isn't enough. It has to be adaptable to different sizes & formats for digital & offline.

A set of logo was crafted to help the brand represent itself accurately in different marketing platforms. Delivered in .JPG, transparent .PNG & original AI.

Final Logo Visualized in 3D Real-Life Setting.

Before we deliver our final design, we create 3D mockups that will help us visualize the brand in a real life setting.

Our goal is to make sure that the logo looks good every where, especially future brand collaterals.

Time For Your Brand To Stand Out Too!

Kickstart your brand with Undoubt Studio. We're experts in story-telling, helping you design a brand that's not only visually appealing — speaks directly to your audiences.



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