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Project Overview

The brand believes that fashion is a form of self expression, by wearing what feels comfortable wearing and shows your most confident self. Offering their own hand-picked collection of minimalist jewelry, the brand set out to create an experience that leaves customers loving the brand.

Logo Design | Jewellery Brand | Undoubt Studio

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Branding + Website + Photography



2019 - Ongoing

Jewellery Branding | Web Design | Undoubt Studio

Empowering The Expression Of Self

El-jo studio isn't just a brand that sells jewellery. But also a brand that empowers women and helps them express themselves through timeless styles. 

The brand is built by women for women. Inspiring everyday women to not be afraid to show who they really are. Offering their minimalist pieces that are made for everyday wear.

Your styles are in your own hand.

Delivering The Full Experience

From packaging to polishing cloths to their premium gifting boxes, everything is branded to perfection. The brand wants their customers to feel special every step of the way.

By being apart of the brand, customers feels more welcomed and truly enjoy shopping at their online store. Increasing returns rates to about 170% since they started business.

Providing a truly unforgettable customer experience.

Jewellery Branding | Packaging Design | Undoubt Studio
Web Design | Jewellery Brand | Undoubt Studio
Web Design | Jewellery Brand | Undoubt Studio

Showcasing Products On Stunning Websites

Attracting websites increases overall brand recall and word of mouth. Naturally if you impress your website visitors, even if they don't buy from you, there's a big chance that they may talk about you to someone they know.


With el-jo studio, we wanted the website to be clean and minimalist to reflect the brand image. The site is designed to look like frames or an online gallery, to showcase their jewelry collection as pieces of art. 


Capturing Attention With Hand-picked Pieces

Customers needs to see the product before they buy. That's why high-resolution product images are so important. Studies shows that better quality images may boost up to 33% in online conversion rates.

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