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image of food to be use in menu design

Menu design is an essential element for any restaurant, café, or food business in Malaysia. A well-designed menu can help to communicate the restaurant's brand, create a cohesive dining experience, and ultimately drive sales.

Types Of Menu We Design 

sample of table menu design

Table Menu

Folded or Double-sided menus are a simple and cost-effective option for smaller restaurants. They offer ample space to showcase all menu items without the need for multiple pages.

sample of clipboard menu design

Clipboard Menu

Clipboard menus offers an aesthetic and minimalist look for your bar or restaurant. It's simple to read and understand. This will help make your place look more unique especially in Malaysia.

sample of booklet menu design

Booklet Menu

Booklet menus are the standard and most effective way to make your menu. It can accommodate multiple pages and include sections for different menu categories, and features an eye-catching cover page.

sample of hard cover menu design

Hard Cover Menu

Hardcover menus are an elegant option for restaurants looking to elevate their dining experience. These menus offer a high-end look and feel for fine dining establishments or upscaled venues.

We offer menu design services for all different sizes of SMEs, ranging from cafes to cuisine restaurants. Our add-ons ensures that you have everything you need to launch a menu that appeals to your audiences!

Price listed are for references only, final price will vary depending on project scope and requirements. 

Menu Design Prices

One-Page Menu (One/ Double sided)

A3 sized menu design for cafes and small establishments. We help you set your fonts, colors and design layout to make sure your menu looks appealing and appetizing to customers.

Booklet/ Hardcover Menu (16-24 pages)

For restaurants offering mid to large number of food selections. These types of menu offer good categorization, and special highlights to boost your sales & customer experience.

Custom Designed Menus

Want to showcase your brand even more uniquely? Discuss with our designers on crafting customized menus specifically for your business!

Embossing, Custom Diecut Shape, Textured Paper, Gold/ Silver Foil Stamping, 


Need more than just the designs? We also offer value add-ons to enhance your F&B dining experience.

Such as:

  • Food Photography (Start from RM1,200)

  • Cafe & Restaurant Branding (Start from RM7,500)

  • Social Media Design (Start from RM1,500)

We understand your F&B business and learn about the menu design requirements.

We craft the design & layout for your menu.

We help you take attractive food images or provide you FREE stock images.

We print your menu or provide you print-ready files.

We Take You From Start To Finish...

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Menu Design For All Sizes Of

Malaysian F&B Businesses

High-end designs for reputable restaurants. We make menu design that makes your dishes look more appetizing.