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Why Implementing Proper Brand Strategies Can Boost Your Business

Create lasting impressions

Well-designed branding identities are proven to increase brand recall up to 60% compared to generic businesses.

Drive higher value to your products

On average, strong brands command a 25% price premium over weaker brands selling the same product.

Create brand advocates

Turn your buyers into loyal customers and people that spread positive message about your business — drive return purchases up to 30%.

How It Works...

The full process on how we bring your brand to life.

Step 1: Strategy Session 💬

Based on your ideas, we will work out a solution on the approach of your brand. We talk about your requirements, goals and expectation of your brand to help me understand what you are truly looking for. This session will help us learn about your brand mission and vision, so we can interpret your ideas accurately into the designs.

Step 3: Bringing The Brand To Life 🚀

We will create 3D mockups of your brand to help you visualize the brand in a realistic real-life setting. That includes your logo, branding, letterheads, invoices, business cards, signages and stationery. That way we have something to talk about before you decide on whether this brand actually suits your business.

Step 5: Branding Guidelines 📕

Next, we will be creating the branding guidelines. This ensures that 5-10 years down the line, your brand identity stays true to itself. Without branding guidelines, your business might stray away from it's path because nothing is documented properly. The branding guidelines outlines several important things for your brand: color schemes, typography, logo placements, branding vision & mission.

Step 2: Brand Design and Concept ✍️

Once we've gotten a feel of your brand, we will start to craft an identity that represents your business. This will be your logo, color schemes, typography and brand elements. 

Step 4: Design Approval ✅

Designing is the easy part, but getting your approval is what we're aiming for. Even though we will be working closely while developing the brand, we will still need to sit down and agree on the final design before we seal the deal.

If not, you are allowed up to 3 times of minor changes.

Step 6: Sign-Off 🙌

Once the project is done, you will be a proud brand owner with the following:


Logo Files ( High-res JPG, PNG, AI ), Black & White Logo Variations, Branding Guidelines (PDF), Business Cards, Letterheads, Invoice Design and 3D Mockups

What you'll receive:

Logo Files, Branding Guidelines, Brand Write-Up, Business Cards, Packaging Concepts, Brand Collaterals & 3D Mockups.


Branding Identity Package

This package is for businesses and organizations that want to take their identity beyond just a logo. 

In this engagement, we work on developing a complete brand identity for your business. That includes your brand messaging and positioning. Plus, other brand collaterals that will help you stand out in your industry.

Starts From RM 4,050/ 950USD

Branding Design By:

Arron Goh, 3+ years experience in branding strategy.

Branding Package Will Include:

Brand Logo

Branding Concept

Color Palette 


Packaging Concept

Brand Collaterals

Final Artworks:

Branding Guidelines (PDF)

Working Source Files (AI)

High Resolution Files (JPEG & PNG)


Branding Portfolio

Amazing brands we've brought to life with design strategy and positioning.

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