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7 Essential Features for a Top-Notch F&B E-Commerce Website

Custom E-Commerce Web Design For Cookie Brand
E-Commerce Web Design For EM's Soft Chunky Cookies

In today's digital age, a well-designed e-commerce website is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. For F&B businesses, providing an exceptional online shopping experience can set you apart from your competitors. Customers love the convenience of ordering online, but they won't tolerate a subpar website.

Here's what we learned from launching EM's Website and how you can apply these insights to your own F&B business.


1. Bundle Offers

Offering bundle deals is a fantastic way to boost sales. At EM's, we created 6-set and 12-set cookie bundles. The challenge was to build an interactive feature that allowed customers to choose their preferred flavors without exceeding their limit. We don't want to get our orders mixed up and end-up having to double-confirm with customers on each order. Saving the business time & confusion.

This not only increased orders but also enhanced customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Interactive Website Element for Cookie Bundle Sets
Interactive Set Bundles for 6-pcs & 12-pcs.

2. Local Pick-ups & Klang Valley Delivery

Streamlining local pick-ups and Klang Valley delivery was crucial for EM's. We worked closely with them to implement a system that allowed customers to choose their preferred timeslots & delivery method. Selected timeslots are also directly displayed next to orders to ensure the kitchen crew received the order as well.

This made pick-ups smoother and more efficient, ensuring customers received their orders at their convenience.

Pick-up & Local Delivery Timeslots
Pick-up & Local Delivery Timeslots Selection

3. Nationwide Shipping

In line with EM's mission to serve "Cookies For The Nation," we've set up custom shipping rates and integrated GDex for nationwide delivery. This allowed for one-click shipping label generation, eliminating the need for manual order processing. It's no longer y2k, businesses no longer needs to stick to old & outdated ways.

Shopify allows businesses thrive with custom integrations with delivery companies to make online orders more manageable & scalable.

One Click E-Commerce Shipping Fulfillment
One Click Shipping Fulfillment on Shopify - GDex


4. Bulk Orders & Collaborations

Having a website opened up numerous bulk order opportunities for EM's. We designed a custom landing page to provide detailed information and collect leads for bulk orders and collaborations.This not only expanded their customer base but also created new revenue streams.

Over the short period of 6 months, EM's had collaborated with other big brands such as Naelofar, Petite Moi, SAOI, Heineken just to name a few.

Custom Landing Page for Bulk Orders
Custom Landing Page for Bulk Orders


5. Payment Gateways

Integrating localized payment gateways is essential for a secure and trusted checkout process. For EM's, we connected secure payment options like C2P and BillPlz. While the integration process was straightforward, the paperwork required to set everything up was extensive. However, the effort paid off with better transaction rates and a smoother checkout experience for customers.

EM's e-commerce store now accepts Credit/ Debit Cards, Online Banking (FPX) & E-Wallets (Touch & Go).

EM's E-Commerce Website with multiple secured local payment options
Secured Local Payments for EM's Website


6. Mobile Responsiveness

It's also crucial for our website to look good on mobile devices, as most of their customers shop through their phones. Not only it's much more convenient, they also can do it anywhere. Hence, we paid extra attention to make sure everything is optimized for mobile view!

Mobile Optimized View for E-Commerce Website
Mobile Optimized View for E-Commerce Website


7. Training & Maintenance

A well-designed website is only effective if the team knows how to use it. After designing EM's website, we provided comprehensive training to ensure they understood the backend operations. EM's team quickly adapted and efficiently managed online orders, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers.

Em's Team Handling Backend & Shipping Orders
First week we launched. Kudos To EM's & Team!


Ready to Elevate Your F&B Business with a Website?

Don't let a subpar website hold your F&B business back. A comprehensive, user-friendly e-commerce platform can transform your online presence and drive sales. At Undoubt Studio, we specialize in creating tailored e-commerce solutions that meet the unique needs of F&B businesses.

Start your online journey today and give your customers the exceptional shopping experience they deserve. Contact us now to get started!


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