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Why 80% Of Business Owners Are Losing Money On Digital Ads?

Facebook Ads: 80% Of Businesses Are Losing Money On Digital Ads | Digital Marketing | Undoubt Studio Malaysia

If you’re new to advertising or planning to start advertising your business online, take this as a warning sign!

Advertisers all around the world are facing a huge challenge when it comes to marketing their business digitally nowadays.

To help you make sense of it all, we’re covering:

Hopefully with these important information, you should be better prepared for your upcoming marketing campaigns.

What You Must Know To Be On The Winning 20%.

Strategy now plays an important role when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Almost 80% of all Facebook Advertisers go into the platform without a plan. No wonder they’re losing so much money!

Strategy is also specific between different niche and industries such as service-based vs. e-commerce.

To really start generating good returns for your business nowadays, you will need the best strategy to manage your marketing campaigns.

So if you're looking to know how to turn your Facebook Ad campaigns around and start generating really good returns on your paid ads, be sure to read till the end.

Facebook Ads: Apple's App Transparency Update | Digital Marketing Article | Undoubt Studio Malaysia

Facebook After The IOS 14.5 App Transparency Update

Since Apple updated their app transparency policy, advertisers on the Facebook Platform have not been getting the data they need in order to serve ads accurately. However, the real problem comes when the competition is still higher than ever making ad costs soar to all time highs.

Most business owners are completely unaware of these challenges and were not ready for the drastic change. Resulting on a massive impact on their Facebook Ad results.

Rise Of TikTok Marketing | Digital Marketing Blog | Undoubt Studio

How TikTok Makes It Different?

The rise of Tiktok marketing has also disrupted the Facebook App platform when it comes to paid ads. Many users now prefer seeing UGC other than only polished products images. It looks more authentic, genuine and trustworthy to customers!

[If you’re new here, UGC means user generated content.]

Consumers are also so used to advertising that they’ve grown immune to it. Instead, genuine home-shot videos are standing out and have proven to be the success in upcoming digital marketing campaigns.

That being said, Tiktok is also one of the most fastest growing social platform on the planet. That means lots of audiences that used to be on Facebook & Instagram, are now switch apps for a more shorter, engaging and fun organic content.

Short-Form Content

Facebook is also introducing Reels, which allows creators to post contents in short-form format. More people are spending time there, compared to feeds nowadays.

Engaging & Fast-paced Video Ads

Traditional ads are long and boring. Plus, it takes time from your viewers. Creating engaging & fast-paced video ads will help capture attention and bring better results.

Digital Marketing Strategy | Facebook Ads Blog | Undoubt Studio

No Strategy Is A Bad Strategy

Over the years, Facebook Ads have gotten harder and harder. The competition is high and advertising costs are over the roof. That means that businesses without a strategy are in really big trouble.

Advertisers should be aware of the latest news & working strategies on Facebook Ads, if they want to keep up with the competition.

Many advertisers think that getting sales online is purely luck about luck. But in reality, results depends solely on the strategy and method you're using to run the campaigns.

So here's some tips to get better at running Facebook Ads:

Tip #1: Get Updated News On Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads platform changes from time to time. You don’t want to be running your marketing campaigns on out-dated strategies and end-up burning your pockets.

P.S. Check out my Youtube Channel where you can learn about news and latest strategies on Facebook Ads.

Tip #2: Facebook Ads Is Long-Term Strategy

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, Facebook Ads is not for you. The Facebook Ads algorithm & machine learning is great, but only with enough user data. That means it takes time for your ads to learn, optimize and reach the right audiences.

Try to strategize Facebook Ads into your long-term of audience building and you'll see much better results.

Tip #3: You Need A Sales Funnel

Advertisers are no longer able to run ads, direct traffic to poorly designed websites and hope to get a sale anymore. Instead, businesses are competing with high converting sales funnel, e-commerce store or landing pages.

So if your ads don't work, it might also be the destination that you’re directing traffic to. In that case, you're due for a web redesign or landing page optimization.

Facebook Ads Is A Business Tool | Digital Marketing Blog | Undoubt Studio Malaysia

Treat Facebook Ads As A Business Tool

Nevertheless, Facebook Ads is still an effective tool to help promote your business to a broader audience. If you’re able to learn about your tool better, you’ll be able to understand all the different ways it can help you find potential leads/prospects.

Here’s some ways businesses are still using Facebook Ads to generate a huge number of sales:

Retargeting Customers

Ever went to a website and now all of the ads you see on Facebook are just about that product? Truth is, customers are not impulse buying on the internet anymore. People are much more conscious about their spending now.

Retargeting is a good way to help reach customers several times to prompt them into the decision phase and capture them as soon as they’re ready to buy.

Lookalike Audiences

The advantage about digital marketing is that you get to work with accurate audience data on your marketing campaigns.

You can use your existing customer data to generate a list of audiences that have similar behaviors and interests. Therefore, reaching a more qualified and high-quality audience group.

Facebook Ads Is Still The Best Way To Promote Your Business! | Digital Marketing Tips | Undoubt Studio

It’s Never Too Late!

You’ll definitely hear people saying: “It’s too late to start Facebook Ads, it’s no longer working” and etc. But I’m going to tell you this, it’s never too late to start advertising on Facebook.

All you need is the right strategy and understanding on how to run profitable Facebook Ads. Our agency has been running Facebook Ads for over 3 years and helped hundreds of small businesses generate sales online, so we would know.

Facebook Ads Mastery Course | Learn Digital Marketing | Undoubt Studio Malaysia

Btw, if you're looking for a way to start improving your Facebook Ad campaigns, our agency compiled every knowledge we have about Facebook Ads into a quick 4-hour course so that you can easily start applying our working strategies into your own campaigns. Learn more here.


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